But don’t worry, WE CAN HELP!   You’ll be surprised by how much your money can grow with your current level of income and some adjustments.  For example, I recently met Brenda G. She turned 50 years old in January and she earns $126,000 a year.

Brenda has 5x her salary in FEGLI coverage, which is excellent for her family.  Her Total Coverage is $764,000 which costs her $89 per pay period.  At age 55, the cost was set to increase to $156.70.  At age 60, that number would jump to $345 per pay.  By the time Brenda would turn 65 years old, her FEGLI would cost a whopping $450 per pay period.  In total, by age 65, she would be paying $90,863 for FEGlI!!!

We Changed All That On The Spot. 

Brenda came to Fed Legacy for help with her finances.  By putting Brenda into a Private Policy for the same amount of coverage ($764,000), we were able to reduce her bi-weekly payments from $89 per pay period to $81.  Saving eight dollars per pay may not sound like much.  You likely spend more than that every day for lunch.  But this $81 per pay was fixed for the next 30 years, saving her $59,273 over the next 15 years, without spending any extra money and with the same coverage.

We then advised Brenda to invest all the money she saved into her TSP… increasing her nest egg significantly.  Wouldn’t it be great to retire comfortably and reap the benefits of all your years of hard work?  CLICK HERE so we can talk further about your financial legacy.